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The Library Strategy Council is the Princeton University Library’s executive leadership team. The Council ensures that  PUL is an active and creative partner within the University and across the global community. Committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion, LSC positions PUL to democratize access to information, steward resources responsibly, provide innovative services, and engage in new forms of teaching, learning, and research.


LSC identifies and develops strategic priorities, projects, and partnerships for PUL based on the North Star Statements. The group’s work falls into three broad categories:

Making informed, strategic decisions concerning programs, services, and resources. In collaboration with campus partners and the Library Administration Team, LSC undertakes evidence-based assessments of services, programs, and resources to ensure that they align with the Library’s Mission, Vision, and North Star Statements. Diversity, equity, inclusion, and the wellbeing of staff and patrons inform these decisions, including how they impact  organizational structure, digital strategy, and the use of financial resources and spaces.

Engaging with external and campus partners. Many campus, regional, national, and international organizations are strategically critical to achieving our goals. LSC stewards these partnerships and develops new relationships with organizations that further PUL’s mission and values. 

Facilitating a culture of experimentation and empowerment. LSC encourages innovation and collaboration, and provide clear direction and constructive feedback.


LSC meets weekly for two hours, based on an agenda compiled in advance of the meeting. Each meeting includes a review of the Library’s North Star statements to ensure that the group’s priorities are on course.

Additionally, LSC meets with the Library Administration Team three times per year as part of a day-long retreat.


LSC commits to regular communication with all staff. The Council will share written summaries three times per year and additionally as needed.


  • Anne Jarvis (Chair) - Dean of Libraries and University Librarian

  • Jon Stroop - Deputy Dean of Libraries

  • Ufuoma Abiola - Executive Head and Associate University Librarian for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • Wind Cowles - Associate Dean for Data, Research, and Teaching

  • David Magier - Associate University Librarian for Scholarly Collections & Research Services

  • Will Noel - Associate University Librarian for Special Collections 

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