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Princeton University Library Administration Team

The mission of the Library Administration Team (LAT) reflects the mission of Princeton University Library. It is responsible for implementing the Library’s priorities as it enriches teaching and learning, facilitates world-class research, and preserves cultural heritage by providing dynamic services and diverse collections.


The work of the LAT encompasses the Library’s regular operations, services, and special projects. The group facilitates cross-departmental collaboration to ensure that it can make decisions with the most complete information available.

Meetings and Committees

LAT does its work through subcommittees, which are led by two LAT members and additional staff from outside LAT identified based on the topic or project. Additionally, going forward, LAT will provide oversight to all cross-departmental Library committees. Each committee will report regular status updates to LAT. This arrangement subsumes the Library’s current Committee Framework, which will be updated in 2023, as LAT will also be responsible for keeping track of active committees, and accountable for ensuring that all staff are updated regularly on committee work and outcomes.

LAT meets monthly, ten times yearly, with no meetings held in August and December. Monthly meetings will be in-person for up to two hours and rotating locations and generally include new business and project updates from subcommittees. Subcommittees will update LAT at approximately every other meeting. Each meeting will result in a summary for all staff.

Additionally, LAT will meet with the Library Strategy Council (LSC) three times yearly as part of a day-long “away day”. These meetings occur in person and typically off-site in the fall, winter, and spring.


LAT includes representatives from each of the Library Divisions:

Deputy Dean of Libraries (Jon Stroop), Chair

Dean of Libraries

  • Executive Director, Finance and Acquisitions Services (Dina Conte)
  • Interim Director, Library Communications (Stephanie Oster)
  • Assistant Director, Organizational Effectiveness (Vacant)
  • Executive Director, Research Collections and Preservation Consortium (ReCAP) (Ian Bogus)

Deputy Dean of Libraries

  • Assistant Director, Library Assessment and User Experience (Beth German)
  • Assistant Director, Library IT Operations (Stephanie Ayers)
  • Assistant Director, Library Physical Planning and Operations (Peggy Kehrer)
  • Assistant Director, Library Software Engineering (Esmé Cowles)
  • Assistant University Librarian, Metadata Services (Jennifer Baxmeyer)

Collections and Access Services (CAS)

  • Assistant Director, Content Access (Tom Bruno)
  • Assistant University Librarian, Collection Development (Patty Gaspari-Bridges)
  • Head, Physical Collections and Inventory Management (Marie Wange-Connelly)

Data, Research and Teaching Services (DaRTS)

  • Assistant Director, Digital and Open Scholarship (Jennifer Grayburn)
  • Assistant University Librarian, Research Services, Teaching, and Social Sciences (Anu Vedantham)
  • Assistant University Librarian, Science and Engineering (Zachary Painter)

Special and Distinctive Collections (SanD)

  • Assistant University Librarian, Preservation and Conservation (Vacant)
  • Assistant University Librarian, Special Collections Public Services (Sara Logue)
  • University Archivist and Deputy Head of Special Collections (Dan Linke)

While this group is larger than previous iterations of LAT, the shift toward steering and oversight, across Divisions via committees and reports should allow for productive meetings and improved communication across the Library. The reduced frequency of meetings also reflects this change.


LAT will run from September 2023 through July 2024, with an assessment before possible renewal during the summer of 2024.

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